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Get visibility on WhatsApp within your CRM

Stop losing track of customer chats, spending hours updating the CRM, and turn Whatsapp into your best sales weapon.

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Reach your customers where they are

Build better relationships. Close more deals.

WhatsApp is what email was in 2005, Krinu is the only tool in the market that aggregates the chat messengers used by sales reps, and automatically syncs with Salesforce and Hubspot, enabling you to focus on the most important thing...selling.

Save hours on data entry

Stay organised with ease

Gain full visibility on all communications 

Forecast more effectively

Aggregate all chat messaging platforms into one and integrate them with your CRM

Get better control of communications with clients and prevent miscommunication

Krinu integrate hubspot whatsapp sales telegram
Krinu integrate hubspot whatsapp sales
Krinu integrate hubspot whatsapp sales imessage
Krinu integrate hubspot whatsapp sales
Krinu integrate hubspot whatsapp sales salesforce
Krinu integrate hubspot whatsapp sales pipedrive
 Krinu chats whatsapp hubspot

Single source of truth

Manage all customer chats in a central location

Stop wasting hours trawling through your messaging apps trying to find chats, easily access every conversation when you need it

  • Respond to prospects and customers faster and get visibility on the full relationship

No IT support required

Integrate with your CRM

No-code integration with your CRM, no more time wasted updating opportunities, keep everyone updated seamlessly

  • Start updating your deals in seconds, and never miss an important detail again

Krinu Integrate whatsapp hubspot salesforce
Krinu analytics sales whatsapp hubspot

Become a top performer immediately

Actionable Analytics and Insights

Get key conversation analytics and actionable insights to take your sales to the next level 

  • Understand the sentiment of customers and dramatically increase your forecast accuracy by 60%


Privacy is at the core of what we do. We ask for the bare minimum of your information, all of our data is encrypted, and has the highest of security protocols, we will never sell your data to any third-party. 


  • How do I setup Krinu?
    The process for setting up Krinu is very straightforward. Krinu is a no-code solution that enables you to connect your HubSpot and Salesforce accounts, contacts and deals/opportunities with the relevant chats in seconds.
  • What does Krinu do?
    Krinu enables salespeople to seamlessly integrate their customer and prospect WhatsApp chats with HubSpot and Salesforce.
  • Why should I use Krinu?
    You are using WhatsApp for sales, but the systems you use are not designed for this, meaning you waste vast amounts of time every day trawling through your WhatsApp chats, manually updating your HubSpot and Salesforce notes and files. Krinu takes away those problems, leaving you more time to focus on the most important thing...selling!
  • Does Krinu use the WhatsApp API?
    Krinu enables sales reps, teams and companies to connect both their regular WhatsApp accounts and the Business accounts, but we do not support the WhatsApp for Business API yet!
  • Does Krinu support bulk and automated messaging?
    Krinu does not support bulk or automated messaging, as we do not yet support the Whatsapp Business API. Therefore to protect our users and ensure they do not get banned by WhatsApp we have not enabled this functionality.
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