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Top 10 Sales Software Tools of 2022

Updated: Aug 30, 2022


The amount of sales software and tools out there now can be hard to get a handle on. How can you be sure you’re choosing the best sales software for your team?

Sales software is a now must-have tool for any sales team. From organizing email campaigns to improving customer relationships to automating simple tasks, the best sales software will help teams break free from the admin and drudgery and get back to work on the most important thing..selling.

The question is though, what tools should you go for?

To help guide your decision, we have given our top sales tools of 2022, from getting a handle on sales Whatsapp chats with customers, to better CRM data entry to improved forecasting accuracy we got you covered.


Lavender is an email assistant that helps you write better sales emails faster and Lavender now recommends the next best action to take to maximize your chance of getting a positive reply.


2. Krinu

Krinu superpowers WhatsApp for sales teams, it aggregates communications from messaging apps integrates them with Salesforce and HubSpot, while using AI to provide conversation intelligence and advanced analytics enabling teams to have a complete view of their customer communications, improving forecasting accuracy and sales performance.


Update Salesforce records instantly in one view without needing to open separate deals and tabs.


4. Gong

The go to name in the conversational coaching space with a comprehensive feature set and advanced analytics but it comes with a price tag.


5. Hunter

One of the OG's of email finding tools, not as 100% complete data as some of the other providers, but it's free.


Powerful lead searching platform with in-depth segmentation and filtering capabilities.


If you outreach via LinkedIn, upgrading to Sales Navigator is a must. Not only to mail more leads, but to use their advanced search and filtering to build exportable lists.


Generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important voice conversations with Otter, your AI-powered assistant.


Dux-Soup is the most popular LinkedIn automation tool that combines lead generation with outreach. Dux-Soup automatically engages with the prospects you select on LinkedIn. It endorses their skills, sends them personalized connection requests and multiple, delayed, personalised direct messages.


10. Clari

Clari is a connected revenue operations platform that uses automation and AI to unlock all the activity data captured in key business systems such as marketing automation, CRM, email, calendar, phone, content management, conversations, and more enabling teams to provide accurate forecasts with confidence.


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